Class Kilns

Here are the three Kilns that we use throughout the Year. We use a Geil Gas Kiln, Skutt Electric Kiln and an Olympic raku Kiln.


Studio Stuff

I have about 165 artist in our studio each day and we are always recycling clay. I have put together a plaster wedging/recycling table that my wonderful TA’s use to recycle clay. We place any dry clay in the plastic buckets of water below the plaster wedging table for about two days. The small buckets have holes for draining the water and then the clay is placed on the table for drying and wedging.¬† I have also devised a way for our plastic bats to stay high and dry, using plywood and a 2×4. Enjoy

Mr. K

Frugal Tools

In our class we tend to loose or break tools weekly. It is always good to have a back up plan when tools go missing so i have devised a quick way of replacing the string tools. I have used a long 1/4 inch  wood dowel and some craft wire. First i cut the dowel to about 3 inches long and drill a hole in the center for the wire. Than I cut about 12 inches of craft wire (fishing wire can also be used) feed it through the hole in the dowel and double wrap the dowel and twist tie the wire. I hope to find more resourceful tool alternatives.

Visiting artist…

At Esperanza we have a wild cat who calls our school home and sometimes he gets into our kiln yard looking for food or something to drink. We have seen the cat outside the kiln yard but this is evidence that he also likes to be creative once and awhile.