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Laser Decal Paper…

I made a casserole dish for a Mother’s Day gift and wanted to include some decals on the side and top of the dish. I ordered the decals from beldecal.com.  The cost is a little under one dollar per sheet. I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to design and edit some vector art and photos I found on the internet. It is best to use royalty free images or your own designs and photographs.

After the design was created I measured the size and printed out the image on the transfer decal paper. (Follow the instruction with the paper and apply the image to the glazed pottery.) The results are great. I will fire the piece in the next low fire glaze or bisque fire. The lazerjet toner will adhere to the pottery and give it a strong bond to the glaze. I hope to make this an advanced technique for my advanced students. I am sure they will have some great ideas.


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Project Cycles

During the past 5 weeks I have tried something new with the students. We are working in cycles. There are three cycles; a hand sculpture, a clay mask and story and the potters wheel. After three weeks the groups change; Hand to Wheel, Wheel to Mask and Mask to Hand. This has been challenging for me as a teacher to keep everyone on task and try to manage three lectures in one class period. I use handouts and worksheets to guide them through most of the set up for the Hand and Mask and then work with the wheel group up front. Here are some examples of the projects.

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